Approach Shanxi, and you will understand it. Embrace Shanxi, and you may find the roots of Chinese nation. Keep Shanxi in your memory, and you will be spellbound by its...
Last Wednesday we went to the Military Museum. At the military Museum I climbed around on a real tank. after that I went on a anti-air gun then in a real air fighter!
On Wednesday we had a long drive to Datong, arriving in the early evening. Datong dates back nearly 2500 years, though these days is a modern city of over one million people. As in the rest of China, many of the old buildings
05 10,2011
Capital of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan is an ancient city with a history dating back to 2,500 years. It has been called a “Brocade City,” with reference to its cityscape as beautiful as a piece of brocade.
05 10,2011
One of the major production bases of anthracite, refractory materials, aluminum in China, Yangquan is the important political, economic and cultural center in eastern Shanxi.
05 10,2011
Centering on the four themes: “innovate plain forest, rehabilitate Fenhe ecosystem, develop forest products, and improve living environment...
03 05,2011
produced many brilliant and talented figurers. Emperors and empress includes Yan Di and Huang Di (the earliest sovereign of the Chinese nation), Yao, Shun and Yu


Shanxi, a Land with Natural and Cultural Splendor
Shanxi not only enjoys magnificent mountains and rivers, but also boasts of rich natural resources. Its yellow earth land form and Hukou Waterfall are unique in the world. Fen River, like a jade belt, flows in between the Lvliang and Taihang Mountain Ranges. Precious deposits of coal and lake salt are abundant. The Nature’s gifts give Shanxi unparalleled advantage in developing its energy industry. Superb craftsmanship of ancient Shanxi people are manifested in numerous old buildings around the province, which occupies a major part of the country’s total. People are fascinated by the World Cultural Heritages such as Mt. Wutai, Yungang Grottoes and Pingyao Ancient City, as well as a large number of scenic spots and cultural relics in the province. For generations, varieties of folk customs and diverse local operas never ceased their succession in Shanxi.
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